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 The Suited Monk Philosophy for Life online course

Here's What You get in the Philosophy For Life Online Program:

A step by step training with 7 sections and over 30+ tools & exercises to master the balance of living a life on purpose & happiness on your true life journey, while enjoying career success, wealth, abundance and all the good things the world has to offer:

1. Awareness Masterclass: By becoming more aware, you have more options to make better decisions. And when you make better decisions you improve the quality of your life and you create the lifestyle you want

2. The Life Journey Model: A Roadmap to navigate life
✅ Gain clarity in your life with The Life Journey Model - A roadmap to life that explains complex concepts from ancient wisdom, modern psychology and philosophy about happiness and success in an easy to understand way that is practical for modern life. This model will help you understand where you got to where you are today, and brings awareness about the changes you need to make right now.

3. The Gap Model Masterclass
✅ The Gap Model will help you understand your GAP in your own life - and how this GAP creates the suffering, negative emotions and the heavy emotional backpack you bring around with you every day, and how to let it go so you can have an easy, effortless and abundant life
✅ Closing the GAP between your internal world and your external world in a practical way so you can move forward with the lifestyle you've always dreamed of (or maybe not even had the time or energy to have that dream!)

4. Building a Healthy Suit: rewire your brain for success
✅ How to develop a healthy mindset, remove mental blockages that hold you back so you can finally be moving forward
✅ Evaluate your relationship with money so you can attract money much easier into your life and stop battling with it constantly
✅ Identify limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back from going for the career and lifestyle you really want

5. Grow Your Monk: follow your intuition and inner compass to always make the right decisions for you, which will align your internal world with the external world so you can have the dream lifestyle and discovering your greatest potential and using them everyday.

✅ Discover a greater sense of purpose and direction that you may have only felt as the younger version of yourself, when you weren't bogged down with all the responsibilities and burdens of society and your current lifestyle
✅ Discover why it's more important to find your path in life than your purpose 
✅ Reconnect with your intuition and inner gifts so you have a strong inner compass, which will guide you to make the right choices forever in your life
How to live in the flow of life, how not to burn out, even if it's doing what you love
✅ Improve the quality of your decision making - develop your intuition in a very simple, highly practical way
✅ Learn how to always make the right decisions quickly and easily without regret or doubt, even if they are big, life changing decisions with unforeseeable consequences
✅ Understand what your own core values are (you may think you know them, but this section will blow your mind) so you can transform the quality of your life

6. Emotions Masterclass: let go of the heavy emotional backpack that causes suffering, torment, anxiety, depression, built up from years of suppression and repression from past experiences

✅ How to manage your stress and anxiety in daily life so you can be at peace and be in touch with your inner self and what you truly desire
✅ How to manage your body when you're in an emotional state so you can be much more relaxed and not get triggered or emotionally charged
✅ if you're too hard on yourself, you will be able to let go of any regrets or unfinished business - anything you said or did in the past relationships to release the past and let go so you can heal emotionally and psychologically
✅ Stop allowing others to suck the energy out of you, so you can do more things for yourself 
✅ How to release suppressed emotions, and understand how numbing yourself with addictions are actually messengers for what your internal self is really trying to tell you

7. Next Steps

✅  Experience sustainable happiness and purpose, aligned with your career path so you are finally listening to the voice deep within you that you may have been ignoring for a while now

✅  Apply your new way of thinking, create new habits to your life, career, relationships so you can permanently transform your life

✅  Understand how the root cause of suffering for every human being was created, and how to create sustainable, fundamental happiness by eliminating this GAP within yourself

Feel more joy and happiness every day, reach your full potential in your life and career

✅ Have an increased motivation and passion for life so you can move towards your true mission on this planet, what you are truly born here for

✅  Achieve your real goals that are in alignment with your inner intuitive self or soul, rather than the goals everyone else expects from you

✅  Be better able to communicate your needs and boundaries in your relationships, with your partner, bosses, colleagues and friends

✅  Have stronger and more meaningful relationships with others and be able to say no to the relationships that do not give you value

✅  Live a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle that you enjoy, rather than being a slave to your current lifestyle

✅  Stop doing things because of others expectations and learn how to manage your own expectations effectively and productively so you can get your time and energy back for yourself

✅  How to balance massive, effective action with also resting and recharging so you don't burn out or overwork yourself

✅  What your health issues are really trying to tell you, and how to decipher that message so you can heal yourself without years of therapy, medication or surgery

✅  Increase your self love, intuition, self belief, and self esteem, self worth so you can live the kind of lifestyle you've always wanted but didn't believe you could have for yourself and your family

✅  How to integrate and live this new way that works in the real world without slipping back into the old ways of stress, overwork and living week to week unhappily 

Each section will have exercises you must complete so you can slowly start to integrate the new teachings into your life without overwhelm or making any drastic decisions

feeling stuck, anxious, depressed, tired, overworked, burnt out or just not happy where you are in your life right now?

➡️  The core teachings trained and taught at the Suited Monk 2 day workshops for Fortune 500 Companies worldwide (normally $5,000 per workshop over the last 15 years) - condensed into this online training so you can watch at your own pace in the comfort of your home for only a TINY fraction of the price.

➡️  The Suited Monk Methodology In Action - mentoring videos with in-depth, practical tools to transform your life so you can implement them and take action the RIGHT WAY, RIGHT NOW to make the changes in your life you've already been thinking about

➡️  Watch the Author & Suited Monk himself Raf Adams demonstrate the core teachings of The Life Journey Model & The Gap Model and apply over 15 practical and unique tools

➡️  The framework used by Raf's 1-1 executive coaching clients (valued at $15,000+) so they can achieve inner peace and freedom to make the right decisions while maintaining a meaningful, balanced and successful lifestyle.

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I'm so confident this digital course will have a profound impact on your life, that it comes with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just send an email to and we'll issue you a full refund directly back to your credit card!

YES! I want The Fast Track To a Happier, More Fulfilling Career & Easy lifestyle! 

✅  Based on the Best-Selling Book The Suited Monk - This is the official online course based on all the teachings on how to follow your inner MONK (live a life on purpose), while creating a healthy SUIT (how to align your career success to your purpose).

✅  Get clarity on your path and purpose in life, so you can understand exactly where you and can create a realistic strategy on where you actually want to be

✅ Discover how to build the life you want, based on your values & what fulfils you, instead of external expectations or your own expectations, so you can live your best life, true to what is really important for you

✅ Release the doubt & self-judgement so you can become aligned with your life purpose

✅  Walk away from the training with a renewed sense of meaning and peace and start implementing the new system for living RIGHT NOW

✅  Know what next steps you need to take in your life and career so you can feel confident and let go of stress, worry & doubt

✅  Discover your unique talents & gifts so you know where you want to be in the world

✅  Awaken the self awareness within yourself so you can make powerful choices, instead of doubting or constantly seeking advice or approval from others

✅  Find new meaning and fulfilment in every day, even if you currently feel stuck or uninspired, so you can feel in flow and motivated again

✅  Create an extraordinary life built around your values so you can let go of the feeling there was always something better out there for you

✅  Learn how to develop & follow your intuition so you can make decisions true to yourself for the rest of your life.

✅  Build a strong connection & trust with your inner self so you can feel more motivation and passion from within.

✅  Learn how to improve your external success while integrating a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life so you can maintain your lifestyle, or even make MORE money & SUCCESS if you choose to

✅  Develop your intuition & cultivate your unique gift in life so you can live in your Zone of Genius EVERY DAY

✅  Reframe any limiting beliefs & manage your expectations so you can break the cycle or stuck and stagnation in your current routine 

✅  Learn about emotions and how to deal with regrets and how these impact your life, so you can improve communication with your spouse, your family, your boss, colleagues and friends

"It's more important to be on your life path than finding your life purpose"
From the desk of Raf Adams
Author of The Suited Monk
Sunny Barcelona, Spain
22 August
Dear Friend,

If you're looking for something more in your career and you just don't know what to do next, you want to live your best life & you've been secretly checking the job ads, keeping an ear out for promotions, or you've been offered something somewhere that could be a step in the right direction but still not 100% convinced …

And you're hoping it will be something more fulfilling and meaningful, but you don't want to give up everything you've worked so hard for or go backwards in your career …

Then this will be the most important book you'll ever read.

Here’s why:

My name is Raf Adams and in 2009 I was burnt out, my girlfriend left me and I was virtually homeless.

I had moved to China from my hometown of Antwerp, Belgium just a few years earlier in 2006 at the age of 27…

I moved there for a job in a freight forwarding company and everything seemed to be going well.
I was working hard and my success was getting bigger and better as I strived for money and achievement and just 2 years later I was the best sales performer in the South China region.  I had been offered the role to become the European Sales Director reporting directly to the CEO with 5,000 employees.

And then I got fired.

That's when my real journey started. 

It was the wake-up call I needed.

I went through a depression and trying to hold it all together, I finally realised the things I had been through have happened to many others, but no one spoke about it, or just tried to move on as quickly as possible, ignoring and covering up the pain and suffering with another job in a different company and teeing it up as yet another experience on the CV. 

As a teenager I'd always imagined myself speaking in public and teaching and helping people. So I decided to work as a business consultant for a coaching company, to help me get my foot in the door.

I started following my intuition, which was my heart telling me what my true life path was.

I became a trainer and had to overcome my fear of public speaking and was given the opportunity to give workshops on work life balance, and I realised that work and life were not separate, they were two sides of the same coin. 
I asked myself what people wanted in the world - and everyone wants the same basic things - love, happiness, job fulfilment, meaning & purpose, no matter what your ethnicity.

During the 2 years after I was fired, I started to connect the dots, and connected them with my own journey towards happiness.

But I realised there is still the logical, survival side - making money to live, material necessities such as food, clothing, housing etc

I saw there was actually 2 different journeys, one was the external one (which I called the Suit) and the other was the internal journey (which I call the Monk.  And so the Life Journey Model was born - I tested this on the market and saw a lot of people resonated with this.

For most people, there is a gap in between the external life of success, and the internal life of following your purpose & intuition.
Then someone asked me how to bridge the gap between the Suit success and the Monk success - how to close the gap and be aligned with your internal self so you can be happy and living on purpose, and not just driven by the external environment, the expectations of family and society, material wealth and power - and so The Gap Model was born.
These two simple models explained a very difficult concept in just a few minutes, and people loved it.

Finally, people understood why they had become so miserable, and finally, how they could fix this themselves, without years of therapy or psychology, just by 'closing their gap' and being at peace within themselves, and live a life of happiness and fulfilment, without radically changing anything externally.

I had invented a NEW system for successful living, for the modern world.

I checked books on philosophy and religion and NO-ONE had anything exactly like it. The closest I had found were Joseph Campbell's book 'The Hero with A Thousand Faces', M Scott Peck's 'The Road Less Travelled'  or Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist'

My peers and colleagues started to pay attention. 

No one had pulled off aligning spirituality or happiness with the workplace EVER before. And I had achieved this in CHINA, of all places.
Suddenly I had high level, Fortune 500 CEO's & Executives coming to my workshops and getting incredible results:
  • Edward, was bored by his current job and wanted to get a new job but recognised that more pay didn't mean it would make him happier either. His wife was offered an amazing job in a different city, closer to nature, and then an opportunity came up to work for a start up, where he could have the creativity he craved. Eddy listened to his need to be creative realised he could still have success and money too.
  • Feng was married to his wife for 15 years and wanted a divorce. He panicked when she made a claim on his personal fortune, so he compromised and decided to avoid divorce and separate instead, but meant he did not have any other relationship for 8 years while separated. He suffered tremendously and it was not until he learned the Suited Monk philosophy, he realised he was too attached to his money and it had made him miss out on love for nearly a decade, so he decided to formally divorce and found a new relationship within months and he was much happier.
  • Joyce had a dilemma as she was offered a new job with a better salary, better title and further career advancement, but she had great relationships in her current role and loved her work and her life, both options were equally matched. After seeing the Life Journey Model, she realised she had made the right decision turning down the new opportunity as it would not benefit her Monk
  • Jiang owned hundreds of retail stores in China, his net worth were millions, and the more he strived for success, it did not make him happier. After the Suited Monk training, he realised the true happiness and joy he had been missing were not in his business success but with his family and children.
... And literally thousands of other success stories like this, from reading the Suited Monk book, and joining the workshops worldwide.

I've used the Suited Monk methodology of the Life Journey & Gap Models for top global companies in many different industries, with similar results among participants:
  • Feeling confident & certain for the future ahead
  • ​Let go of regret and doubt for making the right decisions
  • Making sustainable decisions that prioritise happiness over making more money & material wealth
  • Higher quality of thinking & decision making ability
  • ​Lasting happiness & fulfilment doing meaningful work aligned with their life purpose 
These companies have run Suited Monk workshops with incredible success:

The Suited Monk 3 Step Methodology has worked for 1000's all over the world...

Follow the 3 step methodology that has helped thousands of people worldwide to live a life on purpose, happiness and success: 

1) Build a Healthy Suit - make sure your external world is sustainable and abundant

2) Release Negative Emotions - let go of the heavy emotional backpack that causes suffering, torment, anxiety, depression, built up from years of suppression and repression from past experiences

3) Grow Your Inner Monk - follow your intuition and inner compass to always make the right decisions for you, which will align your internal world with the external world so you can have the dream lifestyle and discovering your greatest potential and using them everyday.

And you will receive the Suited Monk Workbook as your FREE BONUS!

➡️  Full colour, over 100 pages of tools and strategies from the Suited Monk book

➡️  Practical exercises to implement and support your new journey

➡️  Digital Format and easy to understand

➡️ Follow along with the comprehensive videos to start TRANSFORMING your career and life TODAY!

Who Is This For?
1) If you're thinking about changing or quitting your current job, you feel unsatisfied with your role and want to advance your career, make more money but do it in a meaningful and fulfilling way, this is for you!

2) If you're feeling stressed out, frustrated and wanting a true change in your life and nothing else you've tried has worked for you, this is for you!

3) If you're already on your Monk path and loving your work, but feel like it can't support you and you're thinking of going back to a job with better pay and try to stick it out on the side instead, this is for you!

4) If you're feeling like you're outgrowing the people around you, and want a community of like-minded, Suited Monks, this is for you!

5) If you're constantly overthinking, can't stop your mind from going from worry to disaster to negative thoughts and want a break, inner peace and just to feel present and stillness in your life, this is for you!

6) If you know what your Monk path looks like but don't have the courage to take the leap of faith, and want some guidance and support on how to do this with minimal stress and the most efficient way, this is for you!
Will it work for me?
If you're ready to listen with an open mind and open heart, then YES this can work for you. I promise this is nothing like anything you've seen before and will bring a completely new perspective to your current situation. I've worked with thousands of employees in all different roles from CEOs, managers to employees, and everyone goes through the same challenges that we cover in the book. If you believe in quick fixes and are only interested in making more money, this is NOT for you.
How is this different to other personal growth strategies, systems or recruitment?
This is a never-before seen system for gaining the clarity for your next career step and build a lifestyle of meaning, happiness and purpose. Workshop participants have often mentioned how revolutionary and how different the Suited Monk Methodology is to anything else out there. This is not aimed at fixing any problems, but to teach a totally new framework for living and working, in harmony with your life instead of trying to change who you are.
What exactly am I getting?
The Original Suited Monk Online Course (valued at $4997) - The same workshops I've taught to Fortune 500 companies worldwide over the last 15 years, where companies pay thousands of dollars to train their employees to be happier, find their life and career purpose, be more connected to themselves and colleagues and be able to communicate and connect with anyone on a deeper level from CXO level to manager to employee.
Do you have any real success stories?
Yes for sure, I can understand you want to see proof. Please scroll to the testimonials on this page for more details, or please check my Linked In profile for more testimonials.
Is your money back guarantee for real?
Yes, I only want to share this knowledge and wisdom with people who will appreciate and are ready to make true changes to their lives. If you do at least 50% of this course and feel like it's not for you, please email us at within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your payment back to your credit card, and you can keep the online course, along with all the bonuses. I want to make sure all the risk is on me, and that you feel secure knowing that you have absolutely nothing to lose!
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